Many people find it hilarious when asked how much time they have spends on writing their resume cover letters. Most of them have not realized that writing a professional resume cover letter is as important as writing an attractive resume.  The resume cover letters are the window to your resume that contains your qualifications, experience and strengths. So, it is important to decorate your window in such a way that people are curious to find out what is on the other side. If people are not even willing to look at the window, all your achievements will go waste and your resume will end up being rejected.

Good resume cover letters highlights one’s personality to a hiring manager. There may be a number of qualified applicants, who fits the job requirement, but it is the creativity and professionalism that you show that will make you the preferred choice for the job. What better way to show this through your resume cover letters. Since, it is the foremost piece of information that you provide to the manager, it should appeal to him. Studies have shown that it takes a matter of 20 seconds for a HR to decide if you should be called for the interview or not. This decision by the HR is made by reading your cover letter. Resume cover letters allows you to bring to light your strengths, show to the HR how interested you are in the job and that you have spent time and researched on the company before sending the applications.

resume cover letter templateProfessional resume cover letters should be proofread many times before it is sent out to the organization. If you make mistake in the resume cover letter itself, the HR will not take you seriously and you will make a bad impression of yourself. Since, the HR does not know you personally; she will make prediction about you based on your resume cover letter. Better is your resume cover letters; better are your chances of being in the considered list. With that, you would have crossed the basic step towards getting that job. It is advisable to take the help of a professional writer to get that perfect resume cover letter. Remember not to send the same resume cover letter to every company that you apply in. Be smart and change the content so that each cover letter is tailor made according to the needs of each company.